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Our people-our expertise: Dr David Warrilow

Our people-our expertise

Dr David Warrilow

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The main theme of my research has been the RNA viruses, particularly their replication and detection. More specifically, this has led me into virus genome sequencing using next generation technologies, and the analysis of the large amounts of generated data.

Genome sequencing applications include virus discovery and surveillance, particularly of the arboviruses; molecular epidemiology; understanding virulence and disease emergence; and the detection of unknown viral agents in clinical cases.

The development of new chemistries in sequencing will enable rapid and hypothesis-free testing a reality. To achieve this, sequencing at the single-molecule level is being explored.

The above approaches will enable rapid diagnosis of viral infections and outbreaks, even to previously unknown agents. It will also mean we are better prepared in terms of responding to emerging diseases.



  • PhD in Virology: University of Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Bachelor of Science (Hon I), University of Sydney, New South Wales.

Research interests and expertise

  • Virus genome sequencing
  • Arboviruses
  • Virus discovery
  • Diagnostics



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August 2019: Chimeric antigens for better flavivirus diagnostics. National Science Week, Coopers Plains Qld.

May 2018: Protecting Australia from future emerging arboviral threats. Viruses, 17-19 May 2018, Katoomba, NSW.

March 2018: The evolution of West Nile virus in Australia, ASM Clinical Microbiology SIG, 21 March 2018, Coopers Plains Qld.

Dec 2017: Evolution of West Nile virus in Australia and emergence of a pro-inflammatory phenotype, with Huang B, Prow N, van den Hurk A,  Allcock R, West N, Vider J, Moore P, Doggett S, in: 9th Australasian Virology Society Meeting, 5-8 December 2017, Glenelg, SA.

Dec 2017: Stuck in the gut: a new clade of insect-specific flaviviruses from Australian Anopheles mosquitoes displays species-specific host-restriction [poster], with Colmant A, Hobson-Peters, J,  Bielefeldt-Ohmann H,  van den Hurk A, Hall-Mendelin  S, Chow W, Johansen C,  Fros J, Simmonds P, Watterson D, Cazier C, Etebari K, Asgari S, Schulz B, Beebe N, Nguyen D, Barnard R, Hall R, in: 9th Australasian Virology Society Meeting (AVS 2017), 5-8 December 2017, Glenelg, SA.

Sep 2016 Hitchhikers from the jungle: assessment of evolution, emergence potential and public health implications of rare and divergent dengue viruses, with Pyke AT, Moore PR, Hall-Mendelin S, Cameron JN, Hewitson GR, Pukallus D, Huang B, van den Hurk AF, in: 12th Symposium of the Mosquito Control Association of Australia and Arbovirus Research in Australia, 4-9 September, 2016, Surfers Paradise, Qld.

Dec 2015: Filling in the knowledge gaps on Australian arboviruses, 8th Australasian Virology Society Meeting, 6-9 December 2015, Hunter Valley, NSW.

Oct 2014: Invited speaker Next generation sequencing for virus diagnostics, surveillance and discovery, Microbiology at QUT and beyond, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld.

Mar 2014: Invited speaker Next generation sequencing for arbovirus surveillance and discovery, Molecular Microbiology Meeting, 5-6 March 2014, Sydney, NSW.

Dec 2013: Next generation arbovirus surveillance, Australasian Virology Society Meeting, 8-11 December 2013, Queenstown, NZ.

Dec 2011: Sources of dengue importation to areas at risk of epidemic spread in Australia, Australasian Virology Society Meeting, 4-8 December, Kingscliff, NSW.



  • 1998: Ramaciotti Travel Award.
  • 1990: Professor Spencer Smith-White prize, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney.

Grants and funding

  • Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Team R&D Project, 2019-2020, $366,347
  • Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Team R&D Project, 2018-2019, $165,064
  • Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Team R&D Project, 2018-2019, $ 13,363
  • Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Team R&D Project, 2015-2016, $ 79,591
  • Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Team R&D Project, 2013-2014, $ 35,822
  • Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Cabinet R&D Project, 2012-2013, $ 43,093
  • Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Team R&D Project, 2011-2012, $14,736


Dr David Warrilow
Research Coordinator, Virology
Public and Environmental Health