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Our people-our expertise: Jamie McMahon

Our people-our expertise

Jamie McMahon

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Jamie has worked at Forensic and Scientific Services since 2007 and has experience in all aspects of the Public Health Virology Laboratory. Since 2013 Jamie has been the Supervising Scientist of the Molecular Diagnostic team of six, who specialise in testing for and characterisation of high risk human pathogens including as Hendra virus, Australian bat lyssavirus, Marburg and ebola viruses as well as responding to viral outbreaks of public health concern including those caused by measles, dengue and pandemic influenza viruses. Jamie leverages a range of PCR-based molecular tools including the use of massively parallel sequencing for special investigations and to better understand virus outbreaks and epidemics.

Jamie has a particular interest in measles and the measles vaccine strain virus and is currently completing a PhD through the University of Queensland on this topic.


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland
  • Diploma of Management, TAFE Queensland
  • PhD, University of Queensland (in progress)

Research interests and expertise

  • Virus detection and characterisation
  • Vaccine preventable viruses with a special interest in measles and measles vaccine strain virus
  • Co-detections of respiratory viruses
  • Virus persistence.


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Conference Posters

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Oct 2014: PCR101. Metro South Public Health Unit, Coopers Plains, Qld.



  • 2019 Australian Museum Eureka Prize finalist - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Eureka Prize for Innovation in Citizen Science: Zika Mozzie Seeker team

  • 2018 Australian Museum Eureka Prize finalist - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Eureka Prize for Innovation in Citizen Science: Zika Mozzie Seeker team

  • 2017 Queensland Health Awards for Excellence - Pursuing Innovation: Zika Mozzie Seeker




Jamie McMahon
Supervising Scientist, Molecular, Virology
Public and Environmental Health