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Our people-our expertise: Carmel Taylor

Our people-our expertise

Carmel Taylor

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Carmel has 30 years of experience in the serological diagnosis of infectious diseases, having started her career with Queensland Health (Laboratory of Microbiology and Pathology) in 1990.

Her current role is Supervising Scientist in the Diagnostic Serology area of Public Health Virology at Forensic and Scientific Services. In this role, she has a focus on the serological diagnosis of viral diseases of public health significance in Queensland, such as COVID-19, dengue and Hendra virus infection.


Bachelor of Science (Microbiology), University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Research interests and expertise

  • Development of serological assays for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).
  • Serological diagnosis of vector-borne viral and rickettsial diseases.
  • Development and validation of new serological assays for viral and rickettsial diagnosis.
  • Application of multiplexed microsphere (Luminex®) assays for diagnosis of vector-borne and other viral diseases.



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Dec 2011: Serological Diagnosis of Flaviviruses. RBWH Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds, Brisbane, Qld.

Oct 2011: Hendra virus serology: Laboratory confirmation (or exclusion) of human Hendra virus Infection by antibody detection.  Serology/Virology ASM Special Interest Group Meeting October 12, Brisbane, Qld.

Jul 2009: Hendra virus outbreak 2008: Laboratory response by enhancement of serological diagnostic capabilities. ASM Conference. Perth, WA.

Aug 2007: Welcome to my microsphere: the application of Luminex technology to viral serology. Serology/Virology ASM Special Interest Group Meeting, Brisbane, Qld.

Jul 2007: Differentiation of human alphavirus infections by multiplexed microsphere IgM immunoassay [poster]. Australian Society for Microbiology Conference, Adelaide, SA.

Dec 2005: Diagnosis of Hendra virus infection in a veterinarian following occupational exposure [poster]. Australia Virology Group meeting, Phillip Island, Vic.

Aug 2004: Diagnosis of flavivirus infections by IgG and IgM capture ELISA: a comparison with the HI test [poster]. 9th Arbovirus Research in Australia Symposium, Noosa, Qld.

Apr 2004: Differentiation of flavivirus infections by IgM capture ELISA. Serology/Virology ASM Special Interest Group Meeting, April 2004, Brisbane, Qld.

Sep 1997: Laboratory investigation of an outbreak of scrub typhus in North Queensland [poster]. Australian Society for Microbiology Conference, September 1997. Adelaide, SA.

May 1993: A pilot study for the surveillance of Ross River Virus activity in Rockhampton, Nov 1992 – May 1993. Serology/Virology ASM Special Interest Group Meeting, May 1993, Brisbane, Qld.



Carmel Taylor
Scientist, Public and Environmental Health