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Our people-our expertise: Student placements

Our people-our expertise

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Student placements

We do not offer voluntary placements or secondary school students work experience. This is due to the sensitive nature of the work, confidentiality requirements and workplace health and safety restrictions.

Forensic and Scientific Services take a limited number of tertiary students each year for placement within the facility.

All placements need to be arranged by the educational provider / employer. We will not accept placement requests from individual students.

The types of placements we offer include research, clinical (forensic pathology) and professional placements. We are not a hospital and cannot accommodate students on clinical rotation.

These placements give students the opportunity to be part of solutions for emerging needs, foster collaborative research, and provides our staff with the opportunity to work with and supervise students.

Some postgraduate students who have had their practical placements at our facilities have been identified as potential employees of the future.